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Scientific Writing Webinars and Workshops 

with Kristin Sainani & Regina Nuzzo

Transform your scientific writing

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Learn no-nonsense techniques to write with confidence and ease

 As scientists ourselves -- in addition to being professional writers and teachers -- we know the value of good methodology. Our approach: clear and simple techniques for clear and simple writing.

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So much of the world's science writing is hard to read. But it doesn't need to be. Our mission: help every scientist and scientific writer create strong prose that grabs readers and lets the ideas shine through.



Kristin Sainani

Kristin is an associate professor at Stanford University. She teaches statistics and writing; works on statistical projects in sports medicine; and writes about health, science, and statistics for a range of audiences. 


Regina Nuzzo

Regina is an award-winning science writer, professional communicator, and Gallaudet University statistics professor.  Her work has appeared in Reader’s Digest, Los Angeles Times, and Nature, among other publications. 


Quick tips to help you get started


On-demand free webinars


Interactive and personalized workshops

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"@KristinSainani Taking your course is one of the best things I have done to date. It's empowering to learn that one can present so much without being verbose, sounding posh, or obfuscating the facts."– @CRTejaswi 

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